A black and white photo of an engaged couple in the mountains.

Elevate Your Love: A Breathtaking Mountain Engagement Session at Black Balsam & Graveyard Fields


February 24, 2024

Today I’m sharing a summer mountain engagement session at Black Balsam and Graveyard Fields, a 45-60 minute drive from Asheville, NC.

This one’s got it all: rocks, water, mountain vistas, and a couple so in love you can practically feel it.

Meet Emily & Keaton

First off, let’s talk about this adorable couple. Emily and Keaton are the epitome of couple goals. Emily loves how caring Keaton is, and how he makes her feel safe and cherished. “I love the way he loves me and our dog.”

Keaton, on the other hand, is smitten by Emily’s radiant smile and the soothing sound of her voice. “Her presence lights up a room,” he says. They enjoy golfing, taking their dog for long walks, and having cozy nights in.

The Perfect Locations: Graveyard Fields & Black Balsam

We kicked off this session at Graveyard Fields. This spot is a hidden gem, y’all! 🌿 We walked to an area surrounded by rocks and water, and it was perfect, a quick hike gave them more variety in their photos. The couple started off in casual outfits, and Emily went barefoot for a few photos.

Then we headed to Black Balsam for some amazing mountain views. Here, Emily and Keaton changed into dressier outfits, and the contrast against the mountain backdrop was simply stunning. Emily also brought along a hat for a few photos.

Outfit Tips for Your Mountain Engagement Session

If you’re planning a mountain engagement session, take a cue from Emily and Keaton. Start with a casual outfit that’s comfy for walking but still photogenic. Then switch to something a bit dressier for those epic mountain shots. Trust me, the photos will be worth the extra effort of changing outfits!

Why Black Balsam and Graveyard Fields?

If you’re local to Asheville or planning a destination engagement session, these locations are a must-see. Black Balsam offers panoramic mountain views that are straight-up breathtaking. Graveyard Fields, on the other hand, gives you a more intimate setting with its water features and lush greenery. It’s like getting two engagement sessions in one! Check out their photos from their engagement session at Black Balsam and Graveyard Fields!

Engagement session at Black Balsam & Graveyard Fields
Two pictures of a bride and groom embracing in a field off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
A couple kissing on top of a mountain in the blue ridge mountains.
A black and white photo of a couple sitting on top of a mountain at theirEngagement session at Black Balsam & Graveyard Fields
An engaged couple kissing on top of a mountain.
Two black and white photos of a couple embracing on top of a mountain.
A couple walking through a grassy field with mountains in the background.
Two pictures of a bride and groom holding hands.
A black and white photo of an engaged couple in the mountains.
A couple is standing on top of a hill overlooking the mountains at an Engagement session at Black Balsam & Graveyard Fields
A bride and groom standing on a trail in the mountains.
Romantic black and white pictures of a couple kissing in the mountains.
Two pictures of a couple standing on rocks in a creek at Graveyard Fields off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
A couple sits on rocks near a creek during their engagement session.
Two pictures of a couple walking along a river.
Inspiration for your engagement session with Kathy Beaver Photography, Asheville wedding and engagement photographer.

Extra Tips for Your Asheville Mountain Engagement Session

1. Footwear is Key
You’re going to be doing some walking, and let’s be real, those Instagram-worthy mountain views don’t come easy! So, make sure to bring along some tennis or hiking shoes for the trek up. Trust me, your feet will thank you later.
2. Dress in Layers
Mountain weather is a fickle friend, especially at higher elevations. Even in the midst of summer in August, it can get pretty chilly up there. So, toss a blanket or jacket into your bag. It will also make for some cute pictures when you’re cuddling up for those sunset shots.
3. Hair, Meet Wind
Ladies, if you’ve got long locks, be prepared for some epic wind-in-the-hair moments. While it can make for some dramatic shots, you might also want to bring a hair tie to keep things manageable.
4. Embrace the Adventure
Mountain engagement sessions are as much about the journey as they are about the destination. So, soak it all in—the views, the love, and yes, even the uneven terrain.

Let’s Chat!

I had an absolute blast capturing Emily and Keaton’s love story, and I want the same for you! If you’re engaged and looking for someone to capture your love in the Asheville area, let’s connect!

Looking for more tips on engagement sessions or Asheville photography locations? Be sure to take my Engagement Location quiz.

P.S. For all you wedding photographers and professionals out there, I offer educational resources and Canva templates to make your life easier. Check ’em out here!

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