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A bride and groom walk down an outdoor aisle surrounded by applauding guests. The bride holds a bouquet, and the groom wears a dark suit. There are trees in the background.

Greystone Inn Intimate Summer Wedding


June 17, 2024
Discover this Enchanting Greystone Inn Intimate Summer Wedding; A Photographer’s Dream Wedding Venue

Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, just outside the charming town of Cashiers, the Greystone Inn at Lake Toxaway is a wedding venue that effortlessly combines history, natural beauty, and unparalleled elegance. As a photographer, I have had the privilege of documenting several celebrations at this breathtaking location, and each time, I find myself in awe of its timeless charm and picturesque surroundings. I’m excited to share this Greystone Inn intimate summer wedding with you!

One of the most striking features of the Greystone Inn is its magnificent setting. Perched on the shores of the serene Lake Toxaway and surrounded by the majestic Appalachian Mountains, the Inn offers a backdrop that is nothing short of spectacular. The cooler temperatures, courtesy of the higher elevation, provide a welcome respite from the summer heat, making it an ideal location for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

The meticulously landscaped grounds and gardens that surround the Inn are a testament to its enduring beauty. From the vibrant, lush foliage to the impeccably maintained lawns, every corner of the property is a photographer’s dream come true. The natural scenery lends itself perfectly to capturing timeless and romantic images that couples will treasure for a lifetime.

Audrey and Jay, a delightful couple I had the pleasure of working with, truly embraced the magic of the Greystone Inn. Throughout the weekend, they treated their guests to a celebration filled with festivities and opportunities to enjoy the area. By reserving the entire Inn for their wedding weekend, they created an intimate and exclusive atmosphere where their closest friends and family could bond and create lasting memories together.

The Greystone Inn at Lake Toxaway is an extraordinary wedding venue that seamlessly blends history, elegance, and natural beauty. Its ability to host unforgettable celebrations while providing a serene and intimate ambiance makes it a top choice for couples seeking a truly special destination. As a photographer, I am continually inspired by the endless opportunities for capturing magical moments at this remarkable location.B. Meta description (150 characters):
Experience the timeless elegance and stunning natural beauty of the Greystone Inn at Lake Toxaway, NC—a picturesque wedding venue for unforgettable.

A man and woman dressed formally, standing beside a lake. In one image, they face the camera and smile, while in the other, they face away, with the woman's hand on the man's shoulder.
Wedding invitation and ring box placed on a wooden table with white flowers. The invitation reads "Jay Forester and Aubrey Lospinoso" and includes wedding details.
On the left, a pair of white shoes and a bouquet of white flowers. On the right, a white dress hangs from a wooden staircase railing in a dimly lit room.
A woman and a child, both wearing blue pajamas, sitting and smiling on a white bed with a wooden headboard in the background.
A woman and a girl jumping on a bed.
A wooden bookshelf filled with books is on the left. On the right is a room with wooden beams, a staircase, and a bed with white linens underneath.
Close-up shot of wedding rings placed on top of a wedding invitation for Jay Forester and Aubrey Rosso, scheduled for June 3, 2024, at The Greystone in Lake Tahoma, NC.
A woman in a strapless dress looks in a mirror in a library (left) and adjusts her sandal strap while sitting on a chair (right).
A woman in a white dress stands on a wooden staircase, and in another frame, she adjusts her earring while looking out a window.
Several people are gathered outdoors, some sitting in white chairs and others standing, with a large house and trees in the background.
Guests seated outdoors on white chairs at a formal event. Some people are engaged in conversation while others look towards the camera. A house and garden can be seen in the background.
A bride walks down the aisle with an older man, surrounded by seated and standing guests, at an outdoor wedding.
A wedding ceremony taking place outdoors on a wooden deck by a lake, with guests seated in rows of white chairs and the couple standing under a large tree.
A wedding ceremony taking place outdoors on a deck by a lake. Guests are seated and watching as the couple exchanges vows under a tree. A house and greenery are visible in the background.
A couple exchanges vows and wedding rings on an outdoor deck by a lake, surrounded by seated guests and lush greenery under a clear sky.
A couple is getting married outdoors near a lake. Guests are seated facing the bride, groom, and officiant on a wooden deck surrounded by trees and flowers.
A couple is getting married outdoors by a lake. Onlookers, including two children, are present. Another image shows them kissing after the ceremony.
A couple is getting married on a wooden deck by a lake, surrounded by trees. Two children are present, and guests watch from the seating area.
Just married vibes at an intimate summer wedding at Greystone Inn Photography by Kathy Beaver Luxury wedding photographer
A bride and groom walk down an outdoor aisle surrounded by applauding guests. The bride holds a bouquet, and the groom wears a dark suit. There are trees in the background.
A smiling bride holding a bouquet walks with a man in a suit on the left; on the right, she gives a thumbs-up gesture with a cheering crowd in the background.
A couple walks down the aisle holding hands in a wedding ceremony; in the next scene, they share a kiss. Guests in casual attire and greenery are visible in the background.
A couple dressed formally stands and walks hand in hand outside a stone building surrounded by greenery and red-leaved trees. The woman wears a white dress, and the man wears a black suit.
A couple, dressed in formal attire, poses and embraces on a wooden deck overlooking a lake.
A couple in formal attire walks hand in hand through a garden path next to a stone house; they turn to smile at the camera in the second image at their Greystone Inn intimate summer wedding.
A couple dressed in formal attire ascend stone steps outside a house. The woman wears a white dress and holds flowers, while the man wears a black suit. They hold hands while walking up the stairs.
A collage of a dining setup with a long table, decorative greenery, and candles; a close-up of a food spread with grilled vegetables and charcuterie; and a dessert table with various pastries and cakes.
A close-up view of a table set with candles and greenery, alongside someone in a suit holding a martini garnished with olives.
An intimate Summer wedding at Greystone Inn A group of people, some dressed in formal attire, stand and chat near a building with large windows. To the right, a seating chart on an easel lists guest names and table assignments.
Two photos: Left shows a group of adults and children at a party, opening a door; Right shows an elderly man and woman speaking, with the man holding a microphone.
A pair of white high-heeled shoes, glass vases with white flowers, and a white satin dress hanging by a wooden staircase.
Two people dancing together indoors, smiling and holding hands. They are dressed formally, with the woman in a white dress and the man in a dark suit. Other people can be seen in the background.
People dancing in a well-lit room with wooden floors and large windows. Some are in pairs, and others are in groups. A stone fireplace and framed artworks are visible in the background.
A group of people dancing.
A group of people, dressed in casual to semi-formal attire, are posed outdoors in various group formations with a house and greenery in the background.
Black and white photo of a group of children and a woman in a white dress, lined up and holding each other's shoulders, walking in a well-lit room with large windows.
A man and woman, both dressed formally, stand and walk in front of The Greystone Inn. The woman is in a white dress and the man in a black suit. The building has a dark awning with the inn's name.
A couple dressed in formal attire stands by a lakeside, facing each other and smiling. The background features water and a tree-covered shoreline with hills in the distance.
A couple dressed formally stands by a body of water with mountains in the background. They gaze at each other and embrace. Black and white photo. at this Intimate Greystone Inn Summer Wedding
A man and woman stand close together smiling, with a scenic background of a lake and greenery.
A man in a suit lifts a woman in a white dress on a wooden dock by a lake, with trees and mountains in the background. Both are smiling and looking at each other.
A couple stands on outdoor steps, smiling and waving. The man wears a suit, the woman a white dress. They are in front of a grey house with large windows and surrounded by greenery and flowers.

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