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A bride and groom stand together on a path in a garden during their summer wedding in Asheville. The groom faces away while the bride touches his shoulder, surrounded by lush greenery and trees.

Something Blue | A Sentimental Summer Wedding in Asheville


July 9, 2024
A Charming Summer Wedding: Blue, White, and Heartfelt Touches

Hannah and Sage’s summer wedding in Asheville was filled with love & laughter. This beautiful celebration in elegant blue and crisp white, was a perfect blend of timeless style and personal touches that left everyone smiling.

From the moment guests arrived, they were swept into the joyous atmosphere. Greeted with a sparkling glass of champagne, the tone was set for an unforgettable evening. The bride’s attire held special significance, with her robe crafted from her mother’s wedding dress – a touching tribute to family legacy. Her “something blue” was her grandfather’s handkerchief, embroidered with her wedding date, adding another layer of sentiment to the day.

The reception was a whirlwind of fun and creativity. The couple’s unique “yearbook” guest book invited attendees to leave their mark in a truly personal way. Adding to the festive spirit, playful temporary tattoos featuring a heart and “Hannah & Sage” made surprise appearances throughout the evening – can you spot them in the party photos?

As the sun began to set, we were treated to a photographer’s dream: the warm glow of golden hour. Meanwhile, inside, the Emerald Empire Band kept the energy high and the dance floor packed all night long.

Every detail of Hannah and Sage’s summer wedding in Asheville spoke volumes about their love, their thoughtfulness, and their joy in celebrating with loved ones. It was our absolute pleasure to capture these precious moments, creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

A bride and groom share a kiss outdoors on their wedding day, with mountains and greenery in the background. The bride is holding a bouquet of flowers and both are dressed in wedding attire.
At a summer wedding in Asheville bride and groom share a tender moment. In the left image, the bride laughs while in the groom's arms. In the right image, they close their eyes and embrace under a veil outdoors.
A person in a light blue dress holds a wedding invitation in one image and a bouquet of flowers in the other image. The invitation reads, "Hannah Lane Ward and Sage Austin Pacheco, Marriage Ceremony.
A bottle of LAMARCA wine lies next to a bouquet of various flowers, including white and beige roses, with a gray ribbon against a dark background.
A collage features a bouquet, white shoes, a lace item, a handwritten note, jewelry pieces, and a close-up of pearl earrings on a dish with flowers and leaves.
Two photos: Top photo features wedding rings on an invitation card. Bottom photo shows a small dish with two photo charms and floral decorations.
Elegant wedding invitation suite with floral designs, a wax seal, a ribbon, a white flower, and a box containing two rings. All items are arranged on a dark background.
A man assists another man in adjusting his tie (left). A woman in a dark dress helps a bride in a white dress zip up her gown (right).
A woman adjusts her earring while looking into a multi-sided mirror in this black and white photograph.
Two photos: The top image shows a woman in pajamas taking a group photo of six women posing in pajamas. The bottom image shows the same group of women, now holding champagne glasses and smiling.
Several light blue and gray dresses are hanging on wooden hangers in front of a white arched doorway. A white dress is displayed separately on the right side near a small table with a floral arrangement.
A woman in a satin robe prepares for her wedding, examining her dress and holding a phone. A floral bouquet, wedding shoes, and a dress are nearby.
A group of six women dressed in light-colored dresses, some with floral patterns, standing in a well-lit room. The woman in the foreground appears to be reacting with excitement.
A person in a wedding dress stands with their back to the camera, facing an older man in a suit entering through a doorway who appears to react emotionally.
A bride holds a bouquet and faces a smiling groom in a suit. In another scene, they embrace, while a man in a striped tie stands nearby, all indoors.
A bride in a white dress stands facing a smiling groom and another man indoors. Inset shows a close-up of the other man holding a blue tie with a photo inside it.
Group photo of six groomsmen in blue suits with a groom, and another of seven bridesmaids in light blue dresses with a bride holding bouquets, standing outdoors with trees in the background.
Top image: A group of eight men in blue suits stand in front of a white building with black initials. Bottom image: A close-up of three men in blue suits with arms around each other, smiling.
A group of women in pastel blue dresses holding bouquets of white and blush flowers with greenery and hints of purple accents.
A bride in a white dress stands with six bridesmaids in light blue dresses, all holding bouquets at a summer wedding in Asheville. They are outdoors on a paved walkway with greenery in the background.
Seven bridesmaids in light blue and white dresses hold bouquets of flowers. Some smiles and greenery are visible in the background.
Three-tiered shelves hold numerous champagne glasses filled with bubbly in an outdoor setting. A welcome sign nearby reads "Welcome" with names "Sage" and "Hannah" in front of a scenic backdrop.
A display table features a bouquet, wedding program fans in a wicker basket, and other items. Above, a floral arrangement with blue, white, and pink flowers decorates a wooden backdrop.
People are disembarking from a white bus parked outside. A woman in a floral blouse is assisted by a man in a suit. Another woman in a red dress is taking a photo, and other people are seen by the bus.
A woman in a floral dress stands smiling, holding a glass of champagne with a jacket draped over her arm. People in formal attire stand behind her near a shelf with more filled champagne glasses.
Bride in a white wedding dress holds a bouquet and smiles, standing beside a man in a dark suit. They are near wooden doors and a large window with greenery visible outside.
A woman in a light blue gown walks down an aisle inside a venue. She holds a small wicker basket and is watched by seated guests on wooden benches. Candles in tall glass holders decorate the aisle.
A couple stands at the altar during their wedding ceremony in a wooden chapel. The bride, groom, officiant, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and seated guests are visible at this summer wedding in Asheville.
A bride and groom pour sand into a jar during a wedding ceremony. Inset: Guests hold blue and white patterned fans.
A bride and groom walk down the aisle in a church while guests stand and look on; the second part shows them exiting outside where the bride raises her bouquet.
Framed signs list drink options and signature cocktails with dog illustrations. Below, people socialize and a band plays at an outdoor event.
Three women conversing at an outdoor event; one holds a fan. Below, a plate of assorted appetizers with toothpicks and another plate with similar hors d'oeuvres on display.
Collage of a table setup with a blue floral menu, blue and white napkin, clear goblets, white flowers in a small vase, and a lit candle next to light blue flowers.
A spacious event hall features round tables with white tablecloths, wooden chairs, a "Find Your Seat" board, and rustic chandeliers. Florals and candles complement the elegant setup.
A collage of wedding reception table settings featuring floral centerpieces, candles, and a table number card with a blue floral design. The tables are decorated with white and blue elements.
A four-tiered white wedding cake decorated with intricate, small pearl-like designs, a large white bow at the base, and a name topper. The cake is displayed on a table with a blue-patterned cloth.
A couple stands on an elevated walkway, greeting a crowd of people below. The crowd is clapping and looking up at them. The walkway is decorated with greenery.
A man dressed as an airline pilot reads from a sheet of paper and speaks into a microphone during an indoor gathering, with attendees seated and watching in the background.
A couple in wedding attire dances in a room with seated guests. The groom wears a blue suit; the bride, a white dress. The background features large windows, a stone fireplace, and decorative lighting.
A bride wearing a captain's hat smiles while standing next to an older man on the left. On the right, they dance together, with her back to the camera, showing her lace wedding dress.
Three individuals are shown speaking into microphones, each holding a piece of paper, likely giving speeches at an event. The first person is formally dressed in a suit, the second in a strapless dress, and the third in a shirt and tie.
Top image: Three people sitting at a table, smiling and laughing. Bottom image: A couple seated at a table in front of a fireplace, surrounded by floral arrangements and candles.
A bride and groom stand together on a grassy hilltop, surrounded by lush trees and mountains in the background.
A couple, dressed in wedding attire, walks hand in hand along a winding sidewalk lined with greenery and rocks, heading towards a white building with large windows.
A bride and groom stand in a grassy field. The bride, in a white dress and veil, kisses the groom's cheek as they hold hands. The groom wears a suit with a flower boutonniere. Trees are visible in the background.
A couple in wedding attire kisses outdoors near a rustic fence with green hills and a faint rainbow in the background.
A bride and groom walk hand in hand towards a white barn with large doors and metal initials "C H R" mounted on the front.
A bride and groom are cutting a wedding cake and feeding each other in a series of four photos. They are dressed in formal wedding attire, surrounded by guests and decorations in an indoor venue.
A wedding reception with guests dancing, mingling, and celebrating. Some wear sunglasses and hold drinks. A live band performs on stage, and the bride appears in various scenes enjoying the festivities.
Musicians performing on stage; the top image shows a trombone player, saxophonist, and singers. The bottom image features a keyboard player, drummer, and background musicians.
Two black-and-white photos: left, a couple facing each other amidst a wedding crowd; right, a bride and groom run through a sparkler send-off outside a building at night.

Here at Kathy Beaver Photography, we’re passionate about telling your unique love story. Whether you’re planning a wedding in the rolling hills of Asheville, the scenic beauty of Highlands, or the historic charm of Charleston, we’d be honored to be part of your special day.

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Cake | Gateaux
Catering | Black Eyed Susan
Band | Emerald Empire Band
Hair & Makeup | Della Terra
Calligraphy | Joy Unscripted

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