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April 29, 2016

Asheville Mountains Photography, Asheville Film Photography, Blue Ridge Mountains, Blue Ride Parkway Asheville, Black & White PictureDramatic Light Photography, Cat in the Sunlight, Tmax 400 filmMy go at being an Asheville film photographer…The above pictures were the only 2 from this roll of T-Max 400, expired in 2002,  that somewhat work.  Shooting black and white film is more difficult than color so for the next couple of months I will be sticking with the color film Portra 400, I love the tones and contrast with it.  In fact with my digital film I try to match what this film stock looks like.  Below are a couple of maternity pictures that my friend, for whom maternity pictures were not her thing, was so kind to let me play and take a couple of portraits one afternoon afterwork from my day job here in Asheville, NC.  It was fun to do something a little differently than how I would typically shoot a maternity session.  These we photographed on the film stock Portra 800 rated at 200 with a Pentax 645N.

Film-Portra 800, Asheville Film Photographer, MaternityFilm-Portra 800, Asheville Film Photography, Maternity photosFilm-Portra 800, Asheville Film Photographer, Maternity pictures, Textured wallAsheville Film Photographer Maternity Pictures, Profile of Belly, Yellow and blue These next couple of pictures of my daughter  were taken at 1:00 p.m. in the spring.  The sun was basically directly overhead.  I was very please with how they turned out, no that are not all perfectly in focus but I am still learning the manually focusing my lens thing.  🙂  With digital shooting at this time of day in the wide open would have looked very different and I would have been looking for some trees to block the sun.  I love how much more forgiving film is with the midday harsh sun.  These are Portra 400 rated at 400 with the Pentax 645N.

Asheville Film Photographer, Film-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Blue Ridge Parkway, girl in floppy hatFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography,Blue Ridge Parkway, Floppy hat, Hipster braidFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Blue Ridge Parkway, Mountains in background, girl in hat laughingFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Blue Ridge Parkway photo session, boho blanket, floppy hatFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Blue Ridge Parkway, teen in hat with hair braided, boho blanket, Blue Ride Mountains, Headshot

And lastly the Biltmore Estate tulips, they are a must see!  They are no longer blooming but the azaleas are now gorgeous on the Estate.  You can check out what is blooming with the bloom report.  I look forward to capturing different things blooming at the Biltmore on film throughout the year!

Film-Portra 400-,Asheville Film Photography, Bitmore House, Biltmore House Front Lawn, Asheville in the SpringFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Bitmore Estate Tulip, Pink Tulips, Spring flowers in Asheville, Pink & Green, Biltmore BloomsFilm-Portra 400, Asheville Film Photography, Bitmore Estate Gardens, Walled Gardens Biltmore House, Biltmore Blooms tulips, Asheville flowers SpringFilm-Portra, Asheville Film Photographer Bitmore Estate Tulip Field, Lots of tulips, Biltmore Blooms April

Film Photography in Asheville, NC

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