the barn at honeysuckle hill

There’s A Lot To Love About Honeysuckle Hill | Asheville Wedding Venue


May 9, 2018

the barn at honeysuckle hill

There are some places on this earth that feel like true havens from the hustle and bustle of contemporary, everyday living.  Places that seem to unwind your busy mind, relax your tired body, and restore your weary soul.  They’re sanctuaries that allow us to escape our worries for awhile, to slow down long enough to reconnect with ourselves, with nature, with God’s wonderful world.  Do you have a place like that?  Somewhere you love to face the sun, listen to the birds, and breathe out happy sighs of relief?

For me, this place is Honeysuckle Hill, a premier wedding and event venue tucked into our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.  You might’ve thought this was a piece on some vacation getaway, somewhere far from here and civilization in general.  Can you believe this idyllic estate is actually just seven miles from downtown Asheville?

Sunset at Honeysuckle HIll Asheville

The Property

Honeysuckle Hill stole my heart the minute I first visited the property.  I love it for so many reasons.  Kathy the photographer loves it for its picturesque perfection: the tranquil lily pad pond; the sunlight filtering through ancient weeping willows; the 100-year-old red barn watching over the rolling fields.  (Finally!  I found my bonafide red barn-turned venue!)  Kathy the person loves it for its rolling mountain views, its rich history, and its breathtaking beauty.  I can’t help but marvel at just how masterful God’s work really is.

I’ve had the privilege of photographing several weddings, engagement sessions, and even family Christmas photos at Honeysuckle Hill.  One of the property’s greatest assets is how many locations, both indoor and outdoor, it has for taking photos.  I already mentioned the lily pad pond, dramatic landscape, and historic red barn.  That’s not even all of them!  There’s the private viewing gazebo overlooking the water, gilded chandeliers illuminating old stables, and a rustic chapel outfitted with antique church pews.  Even better, all of these locations are within walking distance of one another!

Red barn with open field surrounding it outside of Asheville

The Conveniences

I’m so happy to tell y’all I am a preferred vendor of Honeysuckle Hill!  I’m honored to be selected by the amazing team at Honeysuckle Hill, and to be part of the all-inclusive package they offer their couples.  I can’t tell you how helpful a preferred vendor list and all-inclusive option can be for brides trying to navigate the minefield of wedding planning.  It’s especially beneficial for couples planning a destination wedding to Asheville.  When you’ve got limited availability to choose and meet with your vendors, it’s such a relief for your venue to suggest vendors they can vouch for in terms of talent, professionalism, and familiarity with their location.

Wedding season here in Asheville is just around the corner and I can’t wait to get back out to Honeysuckle Hill to check out the new additions they’ve made since last year.  They’ve made several updates to the venue including a bridal suite, grooms den, and an outdoor fire pit with overhead café lighting.  But I think it’s important to note that Honeysuckle Hill’s owners have always taken great care to maintain the integrity of this historic equestrian estate as they make their improvements.  Even though they’ve added several modern comforts and conveniences, they’ve done a fabulous job preserving the original land and structures

Asheville Venue Lily Pond

Meet the Owner

owner of mingle and honeysuckle hill asheville


Mixing the old with the new, embracing imperfections in celebration of a storied past.  That’s exactly what inspired Honeysuckle Hill owner, Candace Hightower, to acquire the Honeysuckle Hill property and transform it into the charming wedding venue it is today.

Candace created her wedding planning business, Mingle Events and Vintage Rentals, out of a combination of her type-A personality, her eye for design, and her penchant for throwing parties with a dose of southern charm.  Her vintage-meets-modern aesthetic combines the glamorous with the old-fashioned.  On Candace’s table, you might see gold flatware next to a chipped tea cup from granny’s china cabinet.

She adores the little imperfections that tell you something’s been loved…that’s the feeling she got when she saw Honeysuckle Hill.  Her imagination immediately started exploring design, and her hospitable nature couldn’t wait to share this gorgeous mountain estate with locals and visitors alike.  Candace and her husband, Chris, bought the property and are very hands-on with every wedding and event that takes place there.

“As local business owners and active community volunteers, we feel passionately about our mountain haven and have always wanted others to share in its enchanting charm,” said Candace. “When we found this nine-acre working farm only five years ago, we knew in our hearts we had found the right place to bring our dream of opening our own wedding and event venue to life. A place where the things we love about this town – its natural beauty, its southern grace, its unique flair – would wrap our guests into its welcoming embrace.”

“I am a true southern girl at heart, and felt a calling to be a wedding planner out of a strong desire to infuse life’s biggest moments with southern grace and hospitality.  Whether acting as planner or overseeing a wedding at Honeysuckle Hill, my mission is to always deliver the perfect day that brides and grooms deserve.”

My Work at Honeysuckle Hill

The couples I’ve photographed at Honeysuckle Hill wanted to take advantage of all the beauty the estate has to offer, from the gorgeous natural greenery to the rich red of the barn.  I love using the variety of texture, color, lighting, and scenery around the property to add depth to each photograph.  This one beautiful bride, Aeryn, wanted all black and white photos, so we used the wooden beams of the walls and moody lighting to contrast with her frothy white wedding gown as she perched on a vintage satin sofa.  I mean…I’m swooning just talking about it!

You can see more of Aeryn’s outdoor wedding photographed in black and white at Honeysuckle Hill HERE.  I also just have to share this colorful daytime wedding of a couple who loved everything about the red barn and the equestrian history of the estate.


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  For more information on Honeysuckle Hill you can find their website HERE.

Hope you’re having a blessed day!

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