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A bride and groom holding hands, walking toward a mountain vista, with the bride wearing a flowing veil and carrying a bouquet.

Intimate Spring Microwedding at Parker Mill | A Celebration of Love and Faith


April 25, 2024
Elegant & Emotive Spring Wedding with Rich Greens and White Florals

This elegant intimate spring microwedding at Parker Mill featured a stunning color palette of rich greens and white florals. The bride wore a beautiful sleeveless sheath dress with removable puffy sleeves, complemented by a gorgeous veil that she waited until the ceremony to wear down the aisle. The couple, who met while they were in dental school at UNC Chapel Hill, had their professor as their officiant, adding a sweet personal touch to their special day.

Emotions ran high throughout the day, with the bride sharing a heartwarming first look with her father. Following this tender moment, the bride and groom shared a first touch in the ceremony pavilion, holding hands without seeing each other and exchanging their personal vows. The groom looked sharp in his white jacket, perfectly complementing the bride’s elegant attire.

This intimate Spring Microwedding at Parker Mill in Whittier, NC, surrounded by the couple’s closest friends and family. As the sun set, the newlyweds escaped to the mountaintop for breathtaking photos against the stunning mountain backdrop. During the reception, the bride’s father and brother shared touching speeches, celebrating the couple’s love and union.

This couple’s love for each other and their faith in God was palpable throughout the day. Some of the most memorable details included their handwritten vow books, bound in a luxurious matte velvet cover, and the bide’s thoughtful gift to the groom—a framed collection of mementos from their relationship. Their sweet first touch and the genuine emotions shared by everyone present made this wedding an unforgettable celebration of love and commitment.

A bride and groom stand close on a grassy hill at sunset, her veil flowing, with mountains and a soft sky in the background.
Left: open book with handwritten wedding vows. middle: close-up of open book with hand written vows. right: wedding accessories including shoes, rings, and flowers on a table.
Flat lay image of an open vow book, elegant white flowers, and a velvet jewelry case holding diamond rings on a textured gray surface.
Elegant wedding accessories: ivory pointed-toe flats with pearl embellishments, a bouquet of white roses and greenery, and gold wedding bands nestled among white flowers.
A bridewhite gown holding a bouquet, with a scenic mountain backdrop in the first image and a close-up of the gown’s details in the second image.
A bride in a white dress holding a bouquet of white roses and greenery, with a scenic mountain landscape in the background.
Wooden pavilion decorated with flowers along a concrete aisle, surrounded by nature, designed for events.
A split image featuring a wedding dress hanging next to a bouquet on the left, and a close-up of a bride's hand wearing a ring on the right.
A bride in a white dress standing beside a mannequin while a woman helps her with her necklace in a room with elegant decor.
Split-image of a bride: left side shows her smiling under a veil, right side focuses on her hand displaying a wedding ring.
A collage of three black and white images of a bride in a robe, smiling and interacting with her veil in a well-lit room.
A man in a formal white tuxedo with a bow tie and boutonnière looks pensively out a window in a black and white photograph.
A man in a white dress shirt and suspenders adjusts his bow tie while looking at his reflection in a mirror, surrounded by warm lighting.
A man in a white tuxedo with a black bow tie, reading a document from a book, appears focused and serious in a room with elegant interior decor.
A collage of three images: a wooden cross decorated with flowers overlooking a mountain range, a close-up of a floral bouquet on a wooden bench, and another angle of the same bouquet.
A bride in an elegant white dress with off-shoulder sleeves, holding a bouquet, stands in a lush green field with a mountain backdrop.
A bride in a white dress with heart cutouts, holding her skirt while walking in a grassy field, with scenic mountains in the background.
Bride in a white dress holding a bouquet of white roses, with a scenic mountain backdrop in one image, and a close-up of the bouquet in the other.
A bride in profile, gently holding her veil, bathed in soft backlight from a large window.
Collage of a wedding couple outdoors: top image shows them facing mountains, bottom left kissing, bottom middle embracing, bottom right smiling at each other.
Two images of a bride and groom interacting outside with mountain views in the background. in the first, they are talking; in the second, the groom gestures while speaking.
A bride and her father exchange emotional gestures during a sunlit outdoor ceremony, with the father wiping away a tear.
Close-up of a man in a tuxedo with a black bow tie and white rose boutonniere, alongside a portrait of the same man staring thoughtfully.
A wedding couple embraces on a wooden pavilion with large windows, and a close-up of their hands reading a tablet, highlighting the groom's watch and the bride's white dress.
A split image of a wedding scene: on the left, a man in a tuxedo stands on grass; on the right, a woman in a white off-shoulder dress holds a bouquet, both with a scenic mountain backdrop.
Gold wedding band with "god's very best" engraved inside, on a textured wooden surface. on the right, elegant wedding invitation suite with white flowers.
Left: wooden chapel with open walls overlooking a forested mountain. right: "welcome to our happily ever after" sign in an ornate frame reflecting trees.
Open-air chapel with wooden pews facing a cross, set against a backdrop of lush green mountains and cloudy skies.
A bride in a white dress walks down the aisle with her father, flanked by wooden benches, in a rustic outdoor wedding setting.
Top: bride and groom viewed from behind, entering a rustic, wood-lined chapel. bottom: wedding ceremony in a wooded pavilion with open sides, guests facing a mountain view.
Bride and groom exchanging vows at an outdoor altar under a wooden cross adorned with flowers, and a close-up of the bride smiling at the groom.
A wedding ceremony taking place on an outdoor platform, surrounded by guests and scenic mountain views, featuring two images of the couple exchanging vows and rings.
A collage of two wedding scenes: the left shows a bride and groom kissing under a floral-decorated cross, while the right depicts them joyfully walking down the aisle, guests clapping.
Intimate Spring Microwedding at Parker Mill , bride and groom kiss passionately in a church aisle, surrounded by smiling guests during a sunlit wedding ceremony.
A triptych of a bride and groom: left image shows them touching foreheads, center image features the bride smiling, right image focuses on them embracing with a visible bouquet.
A bride and groom kissing on a deck with a scenic mountain backdrop, the bride's veil flowing in the breeze.
A bride and groom embracing in a scenic mountain view on the left; their hands clasped together on the right.
A black and white photo of a bride and groom embracing, with mountains in the background. the bride's veil is caught mid-air.
A bride and groom, in elegant wedding attire, joyfully interact in a mountainous setting, with one image showing them walking and smiling, and the other capturing a close-up kiss.
Aerial view of a forest-covered mountain range at sunset, with rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds.
A bride and groom lovingly kiss and walk hand-in-hand in a lush meadow, with scenic mountains in the background.
A bride holding a bouquet, smiling in a mountainous landscape on the left, and a close-up of her smiling over her shoulder on the right.
Bride and groom smiling and embracing; close-up view of their clasped hands holding a bouquet of white roses.
A bride and groom celebrating on a deck with mountain views; one image shows them cheering and the other kissing.
A bride and groom share a close, joyful moment in a black and white photo on the left, and embrace as they kiss against a cloudy, mountainous backdrop on the right.
Rustic banquet hall interior with long dining tables set for a meal, string lights overhead, and large windows.
Long dining tables elegantly set with white dishes and greenery in a warmly lit wooden banquet hall, focus on candlelit ambiance.
Two basketball jerseys, one white with "north carolina" and the other red with "state," laid on a wooden surface with markers beside them.
Intimate Spring Microwedding at Parker Mill
Wedding reception scene with a man giving a speech beside a fireplace, and guests seated at decorated tables listening attentively.
Modern rustic wedding venue with warm lighting, nestled at the base of a lush, tree-covered mountain at dusk.
A bride in a white satin dress and a groom in a light gray suit stand holding hands outdoors at dusk, with a vibrant sunset and mountains in the background.
Bride and groom happily feeding each other cake at their wedding reception, surrounded by wooden decor and green plants.
Intimate Spring Microwedding at Parker Mill , newlywed couple embracing on a lawn in front of a well-lit house with woods in the background, adjacent to a close-up of pale white roses.

Vendor Team

Parker Mill | Venue
Edenhouse | Florist
SMG Beauty | Hair & Makeup
Forager’s Canteen | Catering
Baked by Emily | Cake
A Bride’s DJ | DJ

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