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Mom get in the Picture | Mom’s Month


May 1, 2017

Hey, Hey it’s May!!  Since Mother’s day is this month I want to share some recent Asheville Family Photography sessions. Be on the lookout for a sweet maternity session, baby shower, 6 month, 8 month baby sessions and of course some engagement and weddings! Goodness I LOVE spring! <3

Alright moms. It’s time for a heart-to-heart. It is so vitally important for Mom’s to get into the pictures.  So often we are the ones behind the camera or are too worried about how we look. Why be so hard on ourselves?! To be fair though, I myself am guilty of this.  I have pictures with my daughter until around age 4, and there is a period of years that after I went through a divorce and gained weight that I would not let anyone take my picture.

Fast forward to today, and wow..How sad I am that I don’t have a documentation of the amazing relationship I have shared with my little girl throughout the years. What’s more is, what example is that setting for my daughter.  Would I ever accept her being so hard on herself?…NO! Our “self-perceived flaws” make us unique. And you know what? Unique is pretty darn gorgeous in my book. Do I still need to lose weight?  Yes. Am I happy with my appearance. No, not every time I look in the mirror. But I know that my family loves me as I am and I need to exist in pictures.

Being present, being truly present in the moment is so incredibly important. Especially as a mom. I am more than my just my appearance I am proud to be a single mama living working hard chasing her passion and hopefully being a role model for my teenage daughter.   So mama’s please be kind to yourself and get in the pictures!  

I myself have committed to having pictures professionally taken with my daughter once a year and recently had a video of  behind the scene of me working at a wedding taken.  I am proud of myself for doing this and when I do lose weight I will have some amazing before pictures.  😉  I am posting a few from the last couple of year’s sessions and when I go through my printed photographs from year’s past I will share those.  Huge shout out to Sassyfras Studios.  We have had  Christmas pictures taken for the past three years.  They are the sweetest, funniest, most encouraging ladies and Anna and I look forward to having a girl’s day and visiting with them while having our pictures taken.

It’s Mom’s Month! Time to celebrate all the gorgeous, hard-working moms out there! What better way than with some fun Asheville Family Photography! Interested in booking your own family session? Let’s chat!

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