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June 16, 2017

Hi everyone! If you have been following my blog posts, you may have seen my previous post about my dearest daughter, Anna. For those of you that missed it, Anna has officially finished her junior year of high school, and has to choose a topic for a senior project, which means it’s time for me to don the role of her Asheville Senior Photographer!

True to herself, Anna started researching topics back in February, and quickly picked up an interest in beekeeping. How cool, right? Anna has truly become a pro at beekeeping, and she amazes me every day by her never-ending desire to work with the bees and learn more about them.

Adopting the Hobby

As mentioned before, I never had much knowledge about beekeeping before Anna adopted the hobby. Since seeing her work, and being able to photograph the bees, I really became fascinated. Their way of life is truly amazing, complex, and beautiful. I quickly found myself compelled and wanting to know more. Therefore, I decided to ask the pro herself to learn more about the wonderful life of bees.

The phrase “busy bee” is no lie! These little guys are constantly at work, moving nonstop. The biggest question I had was “What are the bees working so hard to do?” Anna, a true expert, said that the bees are building a comb onto the foundation, since it is a fairly new hive. The comb they have worked so hard to build has drawn the queen to lay eggs. As a result, new bees are emerging. It’s so amazing that these insects have such an organized and structured way of building a home!

My Busy Bee

Not only are the bees hard at work, but Anna spends a great deal of time working, too. I was very interested to hear what her role is in the formation of this new home in which the bees are building. She explained by saying, “I moved the frames from an unpainted hive to a painted hive. If I left them in an unpainted hive – the wood would rot quicker and have to be replaced eventually. By moving the bees into a painted hive, I can paint the unfinished one.”

Anna also added a feeder to help them build more quickly. She mentioned that this allows for the bees to be more productive, since they don’t have to forage as much. Anna’s knowledge in beekeeping amazes me every day.

My sweet daughter has worked so hard on this project, and I am so proud of how far she has come! She is looking forward to watch how much more comb the bees can build. She hopes to be able to add on another box to allow for even more expansion. As a mother, I know how important it is to be involved in our children’s education. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to document these amazing moments that kids have in discovering something new!

Asheville Senior PhotographerAsheville Senior PhotographerAsheville Senior Photographer

Watching my daughter learn and grow over the years has been such an absolute joy. How is it already time to be her Asheville Senior Photographer?!

Kathy Beaver is a senior photographer specializing in timeless, classic, emotion filled photography, she photographs weddings and families in Asheville, Hendersonville, Sylva, Brevard and Boone North Carolina.  Let’s chat and schedule your senior session.

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