How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer - 2022


A wedding timeline helps you and your clients! You can serve your clients well and rest assured they understand exactly when you need time in their overall wedding day timeline to fit in all of the photo opportunities they want. This resource is perfect for photographers and wedding professionals. I recommend using this during your initial client booking or emailing to couples once they’ve booked to make sure everyone is on the same page!

Wedding TImeline Ipad

Wedding Timeline

Send to potential clients, use as an opt-in or share with bookings when chatting about their wedding day flow.

  • Educational page about importance of the timeline
  • Guiding questions for putting together an effective timeline
  • Space for large, gorgeous photos
  • First look pros and cons
  • Helpful process for determining how many hours of coverage are needed
  • 21 Pages

BONUS – A video tutorial to walk you through how to customize your template in Canva. This tutorial officially makes this the easiest, most user-friendly template experience around!